Facts About Cloth Diapers

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Rather than listing all the studies and facts about cloth diaper use please follow this link to the Real Diaper Association site. They have been actively promoting the use of cotton across the country and gathering personal stories of families choosing cotton diapers and ecological as well as economical reasons to choose cotton: http://realdiapers.org/diaper-facts

Facts…Why Use Cotton Diapers?

  • Cotton diapers are better for the environment. Each year, more than 800 million trees are destroyed to create chemically laden disposable diapers.
  • Each day, 12,300 tons of soiled, disposable diapers are sent to America’s landfills.
  • It costs American taxpayers $300 million each year to process the trash created by disposable diapers.
  • Dollar for dollar, reusable cotton diapers cost less for you, your neighbors and the Earth our children will inherit.

How to use a Snappi diaper fastener:

Bummi’s Bikini Twist Tutorial:

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