Politician on a Prefold – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Cloth Diapers



Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump cloth diapers? Yes! We all know that our nations politics are in the gutter this year. So, we have decided to join the fray. Now available we have a limited supply of our contribution to this year’s mess.  These limited edition cloth diapers feature either Donald Trump’s or Hillary Clinton’s likenesses printed on a prefold. If this series proves popular additional politicians may be added to future printing runs.   Babies all over will be taking a “Dump on Trump” or they may be giving “Hillary the Business”. It has been said that politicians are like diapers, they needed to be changed often and for the same reason. Now both chores can be done at the same time!

This first printing can be used by supporters or opponents of these “popular” candidates.  Worn face in to give one message, worn face out as a message of support.  Let’s send the political class a message, let them know what we really think.

These will also make nice burp cloths, polishing cloths, collectors items, dish rags, general purpose cleaning cloths, etc.  These are unbleached prefolds so three pre-washes are required for absorbency.  Please no chlorine bleach!  They measure 14.5″ x 22″ before washing and are 4x8x4 thickness.


Dump on Trump - Cloth Diaper

Dump on Trump

Give Hillary the business - Hillary Clinton Diaper

Give Hillary the business

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Politician on a Prefold

Give Hillary the business, Dump on Trump


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